Sibling Photos With Toddlers

Photographers Spoiler Alert (exit out now if you don't want to know lol)

Ever wondered how photographers manage to get those perfect sibling shots with siblings under 2 & newborns? Ever thought NO WAY would my child behave like that (mine included lol) well don't be so hard on yourself! They are all normal toddlers, behaving like toddlers :)

So we try to photograph the toddler with bubs, Mum, Dad watching on closely for any sudden movements.

I have been known to hide sultana's in wraps so the toddler 'picks them out' getting nice and close to bubs, I have put mobile phones in the wrap, behind the baby, in-front of the baby with their favourite show going, this end result appears as though the child is looking 'lovingly' at their baby sister/brother but are in fact watching The Wiggles lol

When all the tricks are tried and I don't have the perfect result we do this! separate images joined together after the session in Photoshop creating the perfect picture <3

So if your expecting a new baby to the family and have a toddler, no problem at all! Make Sure you hire an experienced photographer who not only can work with toddlers but also has skills beyond photography day :)

There you have it, you now know some of our tricks, meet gorgeous Ava & Amelie xx

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