Stanhope Gardens Studio

I moved to Stanhope Gardens 6 Months ago wanting to create my own home studio space for Newborn Photography.

I have been predominantly a mobile Newborn & Family photographer for years which I must say is truly great for a variety of reasons, the main thing is, which others photographers will appreciate who read this is light conditions! I have learnt to work with natural light & artificial light daily not knowing what i'm going to be faced with until I walk in the door.

High ceilings, low ceiling, south facing, North Facing etc I learnt how to use my camera & how to 'see' the light not to mention what is going to happen to that lightsource in 2hrs? yes, being a Mobile photographer is a learning tool :)

I have been welcomed into peoples homes of various religions, races & socio-economic backgrounds & always been treated like family. I truly have been blessed with each & every family I have had the absolute honor to meet & be entrusted with their precious babies.

I have climbed hills, climbed stairs, driven into letterboxes (shouldn't share that!) been frustrated by the M7 which ALWAYS has roadwork in the middle of the day, M2, King Georges Road, Parramatta Road & Military Road to mention a few, although, these memories will always bring a smile to my face!

I have gone into 7/11 after a shoot with cake in my hair, 'yellow mustard' lol on my clothes & shoes! and those precious babies that make me look incontinent whom have used my as a toilet between my legs lol

I have packed my car like tetris, unpacked it & repacked it only to come home and .....yep unpack it! lol with the exception of a giant bag of washing :)

I have so many stories associated with my mobile journey that make me smile & strangely I think I will miss it, miss the challenge of it all.

In saying all of the above I am really looking forward to gaining more consistancy in my images, developing my skills further with the extra time I will have saved on travel & spending a little more time with my 4 children & husband :)

I will still be offering a mobile service as there is a need for it both cultural & physical although the studio will now be my main place of business which will also meen I get to meet more babies!! yay!

I have made so many great friends along the way & also lifelong friends, I have watched 2 become 3 become 4 etc and I look forward to providing cherished memories to new & existing clients for years to come.

Progress photo still awaiting my fabulous framed prints to hang :)



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