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Well, as a very busy Mum of 4 and small business owner i come to realise just how important my mobile phone was when the worst thing happened...yes my phone died!! It truly was like my life had suddenly become hurling out of control & I had been cut-off from the world.

No facebooking to keep up with the fun my friends are having that I don't have time to see in the real world, no quickly checking emails while putting the kids to bed & replying to clients, no business page messaging to keep my Facebook 'quick response' to messages up (we will discuss this another time lol) no text messaging to clients/children/husband, no instagram viewing, no googling 'slow cooker' recipies, no checking voicemails 15 times a day! and worst of all no 'baby shusher app' for my newborn sessions ARRRGGGHHHH

Anyway this actually got me thinking of my new mum's who basically only have 2am etc where they catch-up with the latest info whilst feeding & yes I have been known to have text conversations with my clients at 2am whilst I have a wonderfully quiet household to edit my beautiful babies Newborn galleries!

So to make my clients life easier I have joined the 'APP' world where you can email me, book me, grab yourself a special & view my latest work samples on Facebook. This is a work in progress and I am far from an IT genius so forgive me if things have the odd hiccup :)

And to all the Mum's reading this at 2am happy Feeding, these days pass and before you know it you will be sitting up at 2am waiting for your Young Man or Young Lady to come home from being out. Treasure these moments each & every day good & bad as they grow up way too fast <3

Currently awaiting the App Store approval and will update when live!! Exciting times being able to make my Newborn's Mum's life easier to connect with me :)

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